• Testimonials

    Here is just a small collection of the emails and other messages we've had from customers;

    • PW

      The selling of my “pride & joy” was, as you learnt, a difficult decision, but having made that decision, your support, confidence and approach to the sale helped me come to terms with saying “arrivederci” to my Italian friend of 29 years. Your detailed preparation of sales information enabled you to tell any enquirer the full mechanical history of the car. Your faith in your valuation of the car meant that the proper sale price was reached. I would not hesitate to ask for your assistance again, nor would I hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to sell a car.

    • Simon

      I travelled some considerable distance to view the car Tony was selling on behalf of the owner. He had described the car accurately, was extremely accommodating and helpful, both in answering all my questions and allowing me to view the car on ramps. He was a good intermediary in the negotiations and because of this we concluded a deal. I cannot recommend the service he has provided enough instilling complete trust throughout the whole process. A real pleasure to do business with a straight forward guy. Thank you

    • CH

      Well, we made it back to Aus! After a mammoth trip around Europe in the Quattro, I'm delighted to tell you that having collected the car from you we visited Spa, Modena and Fiorano before driving back to Southampton for the car to be shipped over to us in Sydney. In that time all we needed to have attended to en route was an exhaust bracket, cost £20. The car is delightful, thank you very much.

    • NS

      I just wanted to say a big Thank you for all your help in selling my car. You took all the stress out of the job in question.

    • GS

      Would like to thank you for helping me sell my MGB. You made the process extremely easy, for me taking all the stress away. If I decide to buy another classic in the future I will certainly be contacting you. Thanks again.

    • EM

      Hi Tony I was dreading having to sell the Triumph after Peter passed away, and I can’t thank you enough for all the help and assistance in selling his pride and joy. Its so nice to find there are genuine people out there who can help and take all the stress away from the situation I find myself in, and can’t thank you enough.

    • DW

      Hi Tony. Thanks very much for a good result.

    • AW

      The car is in stunning condition I have to be fair.  Buying unseen is always a risk but all credit to Blue Butts Chequered Flag, the car was exactly as described and the condition surpassed my expectations.  Tony was very pleasant to deal with, answered all my questions with ease and gave me a real confidence in the car.  An S2000 has been on my list for some time but I had not found one with the relevant history or in such good condition before.  I am extremely happy with the deal we struck, thank you Tony