• Professional Services

    Do you need valuations on vehicles for clients?

    It might be you need a valuation for Probate, or Divorce for example.

    Do you need vehicles selling for clients?

    There are times when a Client needs a car selling due to ill health, going into care or many other reasons.

    Do you ever have to find storage for vehicles where a client’s property might need selling for example?

    It might be that a property needs to be sold. Or a Client may have a car they can no longer use.

    Do you ever have vehicles that need moving for clients?

    There could be all manner of reasons a Client my need a car moving. But lack of the correct insurance may make that difficult.

    We can handle all your vehicle needs. Blue Butts Chequered Flag specialise in all things related to vehicles.

    Unlike other Motor Dealers we can handle everything from the everyday car to the rarer Classic and Specialist cars and also Motorbikes that other Motor Dealers prefer not to get involved with. A number of solicitors in the North West are now using our services. One phone call or message can solve a multitude problems, and solve them with ease and at sensible prices. For more information please fill in the form below or give us a call. We are more than happy to come out to see you to if you wish to discuss matters in more detail.

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